Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The birth of our Miracle......

Ok....for those who are curious, here is how it all went down. I had a doctors appointment on Thursday October 15th (my actual due date). Dr. Ech checked me and said I wasn't dilated or thinned out at all. I was sooooo upset. He said that he wanted me to get an ultrasound and he was going to put me on a monitor just to make sure everything was still good with him. He listened to his heart beat and said everything sounded good but he wanted to just check. So I got sent to another doctors office to get that stuff done. The ultrasound showed that he was measuring big. Dr. Nezat wanted to check me and she said that I was dilated to a 2 and 50% thinned out. (That was like 1 hour after the first doctor told me I was NOTHING!) She felt that since it was already my due date and that he was measuring "big", we would put me in the hospital Friday night to induce me. I was so nervous!!

So, it is now Friday October 16th. I waited on the hospital to call and tell me that they were ready for me to come on in. Well, at 7:00p.m. they called and were ready. We got in the car and made a pit stop at Georgia Tech to watch a wakeboard documentary. We finally got to the hospital at 9:45p.m. We waited over an hour to get into our room. They hooked me up to the monitors and started an IV of fluids. She said they were going to see if they could get the contractions to stop. Well, they didn't. At midnight the nurse FINALLY checked me to see if I was ready for the cervidil to start the induction. She said, "You are 90% thinned out. You don't even need the cervidil." (So we spent the night at the hospital for NOTHING.) So, they unhooked all the monitors and told me to get sleep. HA....my nerves were so shot and I was so anxious, that I have never felt so dang awake in my life! Poor Daniel, just when he would get good and asleep, I would wake him up just to tell him that I couldn't sleep.

Jump forward to 7:00a.m. on Saturday October 17th. The nurse comes in to start the pitocin. Contractions continue and at 8:30 a.m. my midwife Mary finally comes in. She told me that there were a few things that were concerning her. Before she even told me what they were, I said "I am going to have a c-section?" She said, probally yes. I started crying and telling her and Daniel that I DID NOT want one. She said that each time I had a contraction, his heart rate would drop really bad after each one. (She said that if his heart rate would drop some DURING a contraction, that was ok. But it is not good for it to happen after the contraction.) She told me that we were going to try a few things to try and get it to stop. First thing she did was break my water. (She was afraid that there was meconium in there.) Well there wasn't. She said it was clear. I asked her if I should get an epidural. She said, "Oh, your getting an epidural. That way if we need to rush you in for a c-section, we are ready." That's when I knew it was pretty serious and that I might really have to get a c-section. So in comes the guy to give me my epidural. ( I LOVED him. He was one of my favorite people at the hospital.) Well, I could only lay on my right side because if I layed any other way, his heart rate would still drop.

I had to stay like that until 11:00a.m. My midwife came back in and said she was going to check me. Good news..........I was dilated to a 10!!! Wahooooo. She said they were going to get the room ready and I was going to start pushing in 30 minutes! I started crying and my midwife asked why I was crying now. I told her it was because I didn't have to have a c-section. So at 11:40a.m. I started pushing and at 12:41p.m. our sweet baby angel.....Isaac Madison Lockett was born to us! He was 8 lbs 11oz and 22 inches long! BIG BOY!!! It was really an easy labor and delivery (minus the scare). It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!!!!

I still just stare at him and wonder how I gave birth to one of the most sweetest, perfect, purest little angels!! We are so blessed.

On Tuesday October 20th we took him in for his first vist and he had already gained 2 ounces since we left the hospital.

At his two week check up he weighed 9 pounds 8.5oz and was 22 1/2 inches!!


Jill said...

We are so excited for you guys! Now I'm sure you'll be posting frequently to share all your pictures and sweet stories of you little guy.

Rachel said...

im a little behind on blogging... but congrats! and thx for the birth story!! i love hearing peoples stories. :)

Jessica Milkwick said...

ditto on Rae's comment. Congrats Again! Hopefully I will be able to meet him before to long!

Debbie said...

I am so proud of you, Jeanie, and Daniel for our newest little blessing, Isaac! He is such a sweet and precious "little" guy and we couldn't be more blessed than we are! You are both such wonderful parents!